Francis Hughes Murkowski (born March 28, 1933) is an  American politician and a member of the Republican Party. He was a United Stetes Senator from Alaska from 1981 until 2002 and Governor of Alaska from 2002 until 2006.

Murkowski was elected governor on November 5, 2002, receiving nearly 56% of the vote, the highest percentage for any gubernatorial candidate in Alaska history. He succeeded retiring Democrat Tony Knowles and took office on December 2,2002.

Upon his inauguration, he resigned his Senate seat and appointed his daughter, Lisa Murkowski, the Majority Leader-designate of the Alaska House of Representatives, in his place. This led his opponents to accuse him of nepotism.

Toward the end of his administration he brokered a deal for a gas pipeline that was never considered, in final form, by the legislature. Murkowski threatened to sign the deal without legislative approval, but the legislature successfully brought a lawsuit to enjoin him from doing so.

Governor Murkowski ran for re-election in 2006, but came in third behind former Wasilla mayor and future Republican Party vice-presidential nominee Sarah Palin and Fairbanks businessman John Binkley in the Republican primary election on August 22, 2006 (Palin winning with 51% and Binkley taking second with 30% to Murkowski's 19%). Murkowski left office with one of the nation's worst approval ratings of 19%

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Electoral history

  • 2006 race for Governor (primary)
    • Sarah Palin (R), 51%
    • John Binkley (R), 30%
    • Frank Murkowski (R) (incumbent), 19%
  • 2002 race for Governor
    • Frank Murkowski (R), 56%
    • Fran Ulmer (D), 41%
  • 1998 race for U.S. Senate
    • Frank Murkowski (R) (inc.), 75%
    • Joe Sonneman (D), 20%
  • 1992 race for U.S. Senate
    • Frank Murkowski (R) (inc.), 53%
    • Tony Smith (D), 38%
    • Mary Jordan (Grn.), 8%
  • 1986 race for U.S. Senate
    • Frank Murkowski (R) (inc.), 55%
    • Glenn Olds (D), 45%
  • 1980 race for U.S. Senate
    • Frank Murkowski (R), 54%
    • Clark Cruening (D), 46%
  • 1970 race for U.S. House
    • Nick Begich (D), 55%
    • Frank Murkowski (R), 45%